Strawberry Lychee

Strawberry Lychee Mocktail is a delightful non-alcoholic drink. This drink is a well-balanced, fruity, and refreshing drink. Whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option, a tasty drink for a special occasion, or simply a way to quench your thirst, this mocktail can be a satisfying and enjoyable drink.

The sweetness of strawberries complements the unique tropical taste of lychee, making it a perfect choice for a light and pleasant drink.

Mocktail Non-Alcoholic

Being a mocktail, this drink is alcohol-free, making it suitable for all ages and occasions. It allows everyone to enjoy a flavorful beverage without the effects of alcohol. This drink can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. You can vary the sweetness and tartness levels by controlling the amount of syrup or lemon juice use.

This recipe is relatively simple and requires minimal ingredients. It doesn’t take much time or effort to prepare, making it accessible for anyone to make.



Strawberry and lychee together make a perfect combo. The flavors, textures, and aromatic will have you coming back for seconds.When combined, they create a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and delightful. Because Strawberry have a natural sweetness with a hint of tartness  to them, lychee adds a unique tropical sweetness with a subtle floral note. strawberries and lychees are popular fruits during the summer season, but you can have this drink during any season.


Strawberry Syrup

Mocktail Ingredients


  1. Making Strawberry Syrup

    Wash the strawberries thoroughly under cold running water. Remove the green tops  and any blemishes. Slice the strawberries into smaller pieces to help them cook faster and release their flavors.In a saucepan, combine the strawberries, water and sugar over medium heat. Stir to dissolve the sugar in the water. You can adjust the amount of sugar based on your desired level of sweetness. 

  2. Bring the mixture to a gentle simmer over medium-low heat. Allow the strawberries to cook and release their juices, infusing the syrup with their flavor. Stir occasionally to ensure the strawberries cook evenly.

  3. If you prefer a smoother syrup without strawberry chunks, you can use a potato masher or a fork to gently mash the strawberries while they simmer.After about 10-15 minutes of simmering, the strawberries should be soft, and the syrup infused with their flavor. Remove the saucepan from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Then, strain the syrup  into a clean container. Press the strawberries with the back of a spoon to extract as much liquid as possible.

  4. Allow the strawberry syrup to cool completely before transferring it to a bottle or jar. Store it in the refrigerator for up to two week. You can add it to lemonades, iced teas, mocktails, desserts, pancakes, and  more to enhance their flavor with the delicious taste of fresh strawberries. 

  5. depending on  serving size you can adjust it to you liking. I added strawberry puree from the strawberry syrup made. Added a few mint leaves and muddle. Muddling  mint release their essential oils and flavors. It also infuses the drink with a fresh and herbaceous mint flavor. The crushed leaves impart a more intense taste compared to simply adding whole mint leaves.Add desire ice follow by lemon juice. Lemon juice natural acidity helps balance the sweetness in drinks preventing them from becoming overly sweet..When combined with the strawberry syrup it enhance the natural sweetness of the strawberry. Add strawberry syrup fellow by lychee juice and seltzer water . Seltzer water (soda water or sparkling water,)  plays an essential role in this because it adds a refreshing bubbly fizzy texture taste to the drink. Seltzer water overall makes the drink light and refreshing. With the overall sweetness of this drink seltzer water dilute the sweetness  making it  a better balance of flavors .

  6. the amount use depends on serving size.For a 2 serving size I have added the amount that can be use. Stir to make sure the flavors are well combined and infused.. As always adjust to your preference.

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